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A Day In the Life

  1. Horse out on the trail. Jackets can be tied to the back to the
    saddles as shown above. 
    We started our guest season again in mid-August and have been in full-force since - meeting many great people and working hard on the ranch.

    One question that we commonly get before visitors come to Kara Creek is, "What should I bring?". Let us share our thoughts on what you should bring:

    All of our saddles are western riding saddles. 
    1. A cap or hat - When you are out in the weather, a hat can keep the sun off our face or the rain off your head. Don't worry if you don't have a cowboy hat, a cap or other type of hat is just as good. And of course, we can take you shopping to get that cowboy hat too! Additionally, it is a good idea to use sunscreen daily to keep from getting sunburned. 

    2. A variety of clothes - The weather in Wyoming can change quickly and can change many times in a day. It is best to have a variety of clothes you can layer. For example a tank top or short sleeved shirt with some long-sleeved or light jackets to layer over top. When out riding, there are saddle strings on the saddles that will allow you to tie a light jacket or two on your horse. 

    3. Boots! - It doesn't matter what kind of boot you have but you should have some sort of closed toe boot to ride in. When you are out moving cows you need something to protect your feet!
    Boots are a necessity! 

    4. Excitement for adventure - On a ranch, the days aren't scheduled and things can change throughout the day. No matter what we are doing or where we are going, there is sure to be some sort of adventure. Be prepared for whatever the day brings and wherever you and your horse are headed!

    When you stay at the ranch, we provide all the necessities including bedding, blankets, towels and saddles. If you have anything you would like to add on what to bring - please feel free to share it with others here. 

    Until next time!

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