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Ranch Activities

Kara Creek Ranch is a working ranch, therefore the main activities are linked to the actual needs of the ranch and cowboy duties. To enjoy the true “western way of life” you will round-up cattle, drive them to summer grazing pastures and drive them to winter grazing pastures, participate in brandings, learn how to repair and build fence, camp in the great open air of Wyoming and attend local rodeos. In addition to the normal cowboy activities, you will learn about traditional western style cooking, take walks in the Wyoming sunset, and can visit Native American engravings in the rocks surrounding the ranch.

Ranch activities revolve around real ranch activities and vary by season:

  • April – July: The main activities at the ranch during this time of year is branding all the baby calves that were born over the winter months – this old custom bring with it an opportunity to come together and celebrate the new season. After branding all the calves, you will drive the cattle out to summer pasture for grazing.
  • July - August: This time of the summer tends to be a little less busy, but there is still plenty of riding to be done. When you are not horseback, you will be able to go on hikes and sightseeing tours, swim in the creek that runs through the ranch, attend local rodeos, and go shopping in the nearby towns. This is a perfect time for families to come visit as well!
  • August – November: After the cattle have grazed freely during the summer months, it’s time to round up the cattle and take them to be sold and move the remaining cattle to winter grazing pastures. This is a great time to visit the ranch if you enjoy riding horses daily and sorting cattle.


At Kara Creek Ranch, we have primarily quarter horses with some paint and appaloosa horses. Many of the horses on the ranch come from excellent working cow horse breeding such as Doc Bar, Docs Hickory and King.

The horses on the ranch graze freely year-round. They are healthy, strong horses, that are excellent to work cattle with and good companions during drives: satisfying in expert hands, reliable in less expert hands. Many of them are born on the ranch, and are immediately trained and put to work to everyday cowboy chores that they are born to do. Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden in some time, we will match the horse to your riding level.


At Kara Creek Ranch, we have approximately 4,200 head of cattle that graze freely over 30,000 acres of woods, fields, hills and prairies. We raise mainly Black Angus cattle and take pride in caring for our animals and ensuring they remain healthy and happy.

During the entire season you will have the opportunity to work with the cattle - a contact that makes the experience at Kara Creek Ranch fascinating! You will work directly with the ranch cowboys learning how to care for the cattle and manage them – a truly educational experience.

  • If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, look back now and then to make sure it's still there.