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Food and Lodging

In order to guarantee a family environment at the ranch, Kara Creek accepts approximately 12-15 guests per week.

The main ranch house is the primary gathering area to eat, relax or enjoy music in the lounge. In addition to the main ranch house, the ranch has multiple cabins available for your stay. Each room at the ranch features a comfortable space with either a shared or private bathroom, depending on your preference. When you book your stay, be sure to let your representative know if you have a lodging preference.

The food at the ranch is typical cowboy-style food featuring meat (mostly home-raised), potatoes, pasta and vegetables. During your stay, you will eat a large breakfast, have lunch on the trail and enjoy a large dinner served family-style in the main dining area. 

More importantly, when you are a guest at the ranch, you become a friend as well. The atmosphere at the ranch is friendly for groups or the single traveler. While at the ranch you will make friends that last a lifetime and will find your home away from home. 

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