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Come as a Guest, Leave as a Friend

Located in the beautiful Black Hills of Wyoming, U.S.A, we offer a truly unique experience. At our family-operated 30,000-acre ranch, we raise and run over 1,200 pairs and approximately 4000 yearlings. We offer high-quality first calf heifers for sale each year as well as bred heifers and heifer and steer calves. In addition, we operate a working guest ranch, Kara Creek Ranch. 

Kara Creek Ranch is an authentic working cattle ranch where you can actively participate in daily ranch activities. At Kara Creek Ranch, you can experience the real cowboy life! 

The natural beauty of our place and the typical warm-heartedness of the cowboys and cowgirls will make you feel right at home. At Snook Ranches, we don’t define “guests” in the typical manner, but we consider each and every guest a friend and part of the ranch crew. Like we say at the ranch – you may come as a guest but you will leave as a life-long friend.


Almost 150 years and four generations ago, the Snook family homesteaded in Wyoming and began cattle ranching. And since then, a long-line of cowboys and cowgirls has been formed.

Monte, the founder of Snook Ranches, from just a boy was a natural born cowboy spending the summer in cow camps and skipping school to takes his horses out for a ride.

Eventually Monte left his father’s ranch and started his own ranch. Throughout the years, Monte always kept his doors open and welcomed anyone who wanted to learn or experience the cowboy life.

In 1990, Monte decided he wanted to share the cowboy lifestyle with the world and opened our first guest ranch. Since we opened our doors, we have been sharing the cowboy experience across the world with guests from all over the world. 

Over the years, we have continued to grow and improve our breeding program and have developed a high-quality program providing first calf heifers for those wanting to grow their cow herd. 

Meet the family

As soon as you arrive at one of the Snook Ranches, you become part of the Snook family. Here are a few of the faces you will get to know during your stay:

DadMonte Snook: The owner and founder of Snook Ranches, Monte is a true cowboy and man of “ranch wisdom”. At the ranch, he’s known as The Boss.

AustinAustin Snook: Nephew of Monte, Austin takes an active role in the ranch operations and will be your go-to guy for cowboy and cattle questions.

CassieCassie Simmons: Daughter, cowgirl and business partner of Monte, Cassie supports the business part of the operation and when she has time, joins the cowboys in their work.

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